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We are a software and business consultancy company from Oulu, Finland,  that helps  firms to finance, digitalize and modernize their businesses.

Our software, business consulting and financial services enable companies to  increase their productivity and profitability significantly, since 2010.  

We offer our clients more than 50 years of experience across diverse business areas and services in Finland, as well as abroad, through our international partners.

Our service focus areas are:


We lead companies through digitalization, providing innovative business  software and operating as a Microsoft partner. Currently, we offer Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI and our own licensed business automation software 

Business consulting:

We specialize in digitalizing, handling and interpreting the most diverse business data. We provide consultancy in Customer Experience journey (Focusing on Customer retention analysis), Digital Operations journey (How to digitalize and modernize businesses, including Data-driven and Cloud-based business implementation), Business Intelligence journey (data analytics, metrics and answers about the current state of the businesses) and Finnish municipalities development journey (360's strategy work for municipalities and  modern & cost-effective models for the development of municipalities in Finland). 

Financial services:

We offer financial analysis for investors, funding specialists counselling services (financial engineering, mergers and acquisitions, investment memorandum), CFO advisory service (Chief Financial Officer), as well as other capital market advice.

If you are looking for a company with extensive experience in the implementation of business strategies and management software tools, please  contact us and let's discuss how can we help you develop your business environment.

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