We help our customers to develop their business on a systematic basis, based on data collected.  

We develop customer experience as the most important  success factor in business. 



A successful customer retention study tells you which customers might be leaving in the near future. In addition, you will know the reason why this client is suspected to be leaving. All this information is based on the data that your customers submit. With this information, you can reduce your customer loss rate in two ways: 


  1. The first way is to allocate resources to those customers who are suspected to be leaving in the near future. Once you are on the move before their actual exit decision, you can still effectively influence their permanence. Often, personal service alone and updated situation mapping resolve the dissatisfaction and supports on customer retention. 


  1. Second way: When you know what issues affect your customers' exit decisions, you can customize your processes to better serve your customers. This is the development of a long line that is based on facts and not guesswork. Therefore, data analysis is an excellent way to ensure that the changes concerning customer retention are properly planned.


Redocap act as a partner of its customers in measuring, understanding and developing customer and employee experience.

The customer experience development process is based on gathering information from all the customer focus points, creating a common understanding of the factors affecting the customer journey, which plays a key role in business development. Developing customer experience enhances customer satisfaction, and helps in achieving competitive advantage in hyper competitive environments, influencing revenue growth, and improving customer loyalty. 


An excellent, customer-driven  experience is the result of an excellent employee experience. The process of developing an employee experience is not just about the employee wellbeing or performance discussions, but works on the same principle as the process of developing customer experience, so that the factors affecting the experience need to be monitored comprehensively.


Redocap designs and implement data collection and analysis for  its customers, using cloud-based tools, for example, Microsoft BI solutions, utilizing demanding reporting and data collection solutions, such as management, sales, financial management and human resource management. In addition to providing the data and information, we also provide customers with information analysis so that it becomes easy to understand and use the collected data.


Our software specialists are highly experienced and are able to both consult and build solutions that suit the customer's business needs In addition, our software specialists implement various system updates for Microsoft Nav and Dynamics environments.


Redocap uses the Microsoft Power BI software for analysing data from its customers. We provide our customers with critical analysis about all the business success factors, in an understandable and visualized format. Business intelligence services enables our customers to monitor business metrics and get answers to the current state of the business. The strengths of Power BI, which we use at Redocap, are to combine data from multiple sources of information into comprehensive dashboards to management decision-making. We provide our customers with a turnkey approach whereby the customer can invest their own time to develop their business on the basis of analytical information.      


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