Financial services

A company's strategy is directly affected by finance and funding instruments in financial planning. 

 A business-oriented approach provides better prerequisites for financial success, and Redocap is here to help.


Redocap offers financial and funding counselling services for businesses and corporations relating to financial engineering, mergers and acquisitions and other capital market advice. Still, our funding specialists can provide Financing Planning and Ownership Strategy, as well as related actions. In addition, Financial Services Advisory Services cover the whole process of creating an investment memorandum for final funding.


Redocap provides financial investors with a comprehensive financial analysis of the assets they invest in, focusing on key business factors affecting the company's business. The BD analysis considers industry-specific emphasis on the impact of different business risks. Before the funding decision, the investor receives a comprehensive and clear report on the state of the business. The analytical model also works after the investment decision as an excellent follow-up report on business development.


We combine customer business data into the financial forecasting model of economy and finance. Through our service, you will receive a report about the development of your business in all areas and its impact on financial forecasts. You will be able to predict the development of business areas based on the trends in the desired time and to look at the need for financing, for example. The analysis reports serve as excellent tools for the management team - as well as on board work and as reporting to the investors. You can distribute your reports electronically as dashboards to your stakeholders, which works in all devices.

REDO- CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Within the RC-Dashboard for our customers, we offer the REDO CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to review the financial data analysis and its overall impact. Our  financial directors are financial and accounting professionals with whom you look at your business's economic and financial development, through the various business sectors.



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